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Dongguan Hongfa Woods Co., Ltd.
Fabricante personalizado
Productos principales:Marco de fotos, Marco magnético, impresión en lienzo, letrero de madera, artesanías de madera
N.° de clasificación6 los más vendidos en Marco de maderaFinished product inspection
Our story
ᅟᅠ   Welcome to our Alibaba store, where we've thrived for 11 years, boasting annual sales topping $1.2 million.
ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏  ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏  ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏  ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏ 
ᅟᅠ   Specializing in wooden frames and crafts, we offer diverse, customizable options. With a 2000 sqm workshop, we efficiently handle large orders, ensuring top-notch quality.
ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏  ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏  ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏  ᅟᅠ        ‌‍‎‏ 
ᅟᅠ   Backed by 30+ reliable suppliers, our dedicated multilingual team delivers stellar customer service worldwide. Count on us for exquisite wooden art pieces that exceed expectations. Thanks for choosing us!